Process Technology

  • Metallurgical Furnace: Second Metallurgy/Ladle Furnace Treatment
  • Rolling Strips and Panels Methodologies & Techniques
  • Effect of Ferro-alloys in Steel Properties
  • Steel Smelting Furnaces & Accessory Tools
  • Electric ARC Furnace (EAF) Steal Making
  • Metallurgy, Corrosion and Prevention of Failure in Iron & Steel Factories
  • Operation & Cost Effective Optimization of Pelletizing Plant
  • Roll Pass Design & mill Operation Strategy
  • Melting Technology & the Operation of Electrical Furnaces
  • Aluminum Electrolysis Process
  • Corrosion of Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys
  • Aluminum Smelting Process & Technology
  • Process Integration in Rolling of Aluminum Strips
  • Optimizing the use of Rolling Plant Capital Equipment’s
  • Optimizing Furnace Operations for Aluminum & Saving Energy
  • Casting of Aluminum Alloys after MCAST
  • Fundamentals & Applications in Aluminum Production
  • Energy Consumption Optimization of Aluminum Industrial Production
  • Aluminum Process & Production Systems Control & Optimization
  • Measurement of Precise machines in Cement Industry
  • Blended Cements Operation & Process Techniques
  • Improving Conditions, Emission Control in Cement factories
  • Evolutionary Modeling & Optimization of Grinding Processes
  • Quality Control Censorship for Pollution in Cement Industry
  • Cement Factory Quality Control
  • White Cement Manufacturing Technology
  • Cement Industry Engineering and Technology
  • Utilization of cement Kiln Dust and Fly Ash
  • Clinker Grinding, milling & Separation Cycle Techniques

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